Step Change Learning is now Go Neuro! For years Step Change Learning has helped companies around the world develop the talents of their people. Whether assisting managers with difficult conversations, helping high-potential employees develop their presentation skills, or guiding individuals down the best possible path for career development, our training and coaching programs have been even more successful than we’d hoped.

During these years we have grown significantly, and our focus has shifted more and more to ensuring that the resources we offer rest firmly on a foundation of neuroscience and solid research. While our work has always been research-based, we wished to set ourselves apart even further, subjecting everything we share to rigorous testing to make sure it really works, not just in a lab but in the real world.

With that in mind, we decided it was time to rebrand Step Change Learning to better represent our unique approach. The name Go Neuro and our new logo emphasize the incredible value that comes by using a brain-based approach to human development. From addressing personal mental health issues to managing massive multi-national corporations, the latest research provides fantastic insight into fully engaging the potential of both ourselves and our people.

The purpose of training is not knowledge alone, but action, and the Go in Go Neuro highlights our action-based approach to learning. We do not lecture. We do not merely present research and theory. We share practical tools that allow us to take what has been learned and apply it to the real world, to tackle real issues. All of our resources are built around a practice-and-feedback model that allows participants to actually test what they are learning and receive in-the-moment guidance to ensure that they leave not just with knowledge, but with applicable skills to address their specific needs.

To all of our clients through the years, we are sincerely grateful for your support and for the opportunity to serve you as Step Change Learning. If you have any questions about the change and the improvements we are making, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to serving you and others even better as Go Neuro!