Boeing – 02

Michael-John is a wonderful, passionate instructor. I have had a few classes with him and I have enjoyed them all. It is plainly obvious that he loves what he does and he is highly skilled at what he does.

Cerilliant – 01

This has been the best non-technical workshop I have attended (and I’ve been to many). Subjects learned can easily be implemented because of the presenter’s ability to give real life situations. I was attentive 100% of the time because all topics covered...

Conoco Phillips – 01

Excellent. If I could request him for future workshops, I would. Engaging, excellent practical stories/examples; one of the most enthusiastic instructors I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.

Microsoft – 01

The presenter was engaging, entertaining, and got points across in a clear and succinct way. I appreciated that the course focused on receiving feedback. I also appreciated the background knowledge on how brain chemistry interferes with receiving feedback. Honestly,...