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Want to find fulfillment at work, or learn how to get on the path for your dream career? Look no further than Go Neuro’s bestselling books! Michael-John Bristow, has co-authored three bestselling books to help you understand the neuroscience behind your own behaviors and how to use this knowledge to reach your personal and career goals.

It is fascinating how some people succeed regardless of their circumstances. Their talents are always in demand. Their managers value and respect them. Their colleagues are eager to work with them. Above all, these people love what they do. How do they do it?

Go Neuro’s books answer these questions and explain how you can achieve great things at work too. Blending the wisdom of experience with groundbreaking neuroscience research, they provide concrete action ideas that will help you achieve your potential and experience greater fulfillment at work.

By combining his extensive experience as a corporate trainer and coach with folktales from his native Africa, Michael-John Bristow offers powerful and practical strategies for thriving in today’s hyper-competitive work environment. Those who have implemented these ideas have already discovered their power. Now it’s your turn.

Why the Rhino Scatters His S#!T

Why the Rhino Scatters His S#!T is a book about learning to thrive in 21st-century organizations. It’s about liberating ourselves from the beliefs, behaviors, and assumptions that limit our potential and rob us of fulfillment. It is fascinating how some people succeed regardless of their circumstances.

The Beyond Job Satisfaction Fieldbook

This book is based on a very important premise: personal success is only sustainable when your needs, as well as those of your employer, are satisfied. If either your needs or those of your organization are not met, the long-term relationship will be undermined by a perception of inequity.

Where’s the Gift?

Why do only a few people truly excel? Some point to innate talent. Others suggest education. Research doesn’t support either. In our bestselling book, Where’s the Gift?, you’ll discover the secret that few have learned: the ability to capitalize on feedback, in all its forms, will do more to drive success than IQ, education, or talent will.