This book is based on a very important premise: personal success is only sustainable when your needs as well as those of your employer are satisfied. If either your needs or those of your organization are not met, your long-term relationship and job satisfaction will be undermined by a perception of inequity.

Case Study: Manage Your Career as a Business

A consultant was once asked by a restaurant chain to identify the competencies of their top-performing servers. One of the servers, Mark, consistently produced 50% more revenue and received 75% more tips per table than the restaurant average.

The consultant observed and interviewed many servers to identify the behaviors that made some of them stand out. At first the consultant expected to find that servers like Mark used fairly common techniques to get their guests to spend more. She expected to find that they steered guests towards the more expensive entrees on the menu, and prompted them with questions such as, “Can I get you an appetizer?” and “What can I get you for dessert?”

The consultant soon discovered that these techniques did not differentiate Mark. Although Mark used some of these techniques, so did the other servers. When the consultant asked Mark about the secret to his success, Mark replied:

“Most of the servers see themselves as low-level employees. I don’t see myself as an employee. I’m an independent business person and I lease space from the restaurant. My role is not to merely take orders and bring food to the table. It’s my job to maximize the return from my tables. And I do that by giving my guests the best possible dining experience.”


Whatever your position in the organization, this fieldbook will help you make a real difference for yourself and the organization.

When you are engaged, vital, fulfilled, and employable, you are making a difference for yourself. And when you are engaged, vital, and having an impact at work, you are making a difference for the organization.

In today’s world it is easy to get trapped by our traditional thoughts and practices. The delightful stories in Beyond Job Satisfaction will open your eyes to career barriers and solutions you may not have seen before. These concepts have energized me and many others at Boeing to take more control of our careers and our lives.

Kathy Andrews Program Manager, External Technical Affiliations, Boeing World Headquarters
Kathy Andrews