Engaging Hearts and Minds

Whether it’s a weekly team meeting or a shareholder presentation, your people must be able to prepare and deliver effective presentations. Master our proven process for engaging the audience and achieving the goals of any presentation.

Presentation Psychology

It only takes 15 minutes for most people to stop paying attention to a presentation.

By drawing on our extensive experience in front of all audience types, we ensure presentations are engaging and impactful — for presenter and audience alike — no matter the length.

We show speakers how to make participants part of the presentation rather than passive observers. Your employees discover how to tell stories in a way that will be remembered and encourage the audience to act.

Speakers learn how to utilize a variety of presentation tools to engage multiple senses, and meet the full range of learning needs in the audience.

The average number of filler words ("um," "so," etc.) a native English speaker uses PER MINUTE.

If a presenter has been speaking for more than this many minutes straight, they have been talking for too long (unless the story is really great).


How much more people remember if the learning involves tactile input in addition to visual and verbal. The more senses we engage, the more is retained.

Ready to make an impact?

I was dreading sitting through a presentation all day about giving presentations. I figured there wasn’t much more I could learn about giving presentations. I was wrong and am glad I was. Definitely enjoyed your workshop.

Participant Phillips66