For Experienced Executives and New Leaders with Potential

Becoming a leader can feel a little like being set adrift. At Go Neuro, we equip your leaders with the skills to improve and grow through one-on-one coaching. Start learning by doing, and turn the individual promise of your leaders into organizational success with Go Neuro’s Executive Coaching programs.

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Developing Successful Leaders

Go Neuro recognizes the importance of building leaders at every level, regardless of official title. Our approach reflects the philosophy that the best leaders do not force, but inspire. We show leaders how to exercise their informal influence — as well as their formal authority — to build trust, drive results, and strengthen their relationships for the long term.

For high potential leaders and current executives, we provide the feedback necessary to fully develop their talents and guide them down the path of success. Leaders’ colleagues play an important role in this development, and we use the latest research in organizational psychology to ensure your leaders consistently grow in their ability to work with others to achieve great results. Our coaches use 360-degree feedback over a period of several months to help your leaders continue to make improvements and work toward individual — and organizational — goals.

For your new leaders, we help people move from their former stage of applying knowledge to focus more effectively on contributing through others. Our process involves partnering with each person to help them smoothly and successfully navigate from individual contributor to people developer and leader.

Using neuroscience-based research, Go Neuro’s Executive Coaching programs build the bridge between individual skill-building and company results. Every engagement is tailored to the client’s unique needs, featuring worksheets, self-assessments, and guided action plans. It’s time to turn the individual promise of your leaders into organizational success.


The estimated return on investment at Fortune 500 firms that used leadership coaching.

The estimated cost (in dollars) of a single poor leader over the course of one year due to turnover, productivity loss, etc.


The percentage of leaders who said coaching improved their relationship with their direct reports.

You have been enormously helpful to me. I felt like I was wallowing about. You have brought me to a place of reasonable maturity.

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