For new and high potential leaders.

Save the individual themselves, a person’s immediate leader will have more of an impact on their performance than anyone else at the company. Equip your leaders with the skills to confidently address employee needs.

Engaging Leadership

At Go Neuro, we focus on the day-to-day and formal conversations that leaders have with their people. Our goal is to make those conversations less stressful and more effective for everyone involved.

We recognize the importance of building leaders at every level, regardless of official title. Our approach reflects the philosophy that the best leaders do not force but inspire.

Leaders explore how to exercise their informal influence — as well as their formal authority — to build trust, drive results, and strengthen relationships for the long term.

Using our Five Stages Model of employee contribution, we partner with your team to help them smoothly and successfully navigate from individual contributor to leader and people developer.


The estimated return on investment at Fortune 500 firms that used leadership coaching.

The estimated cost (in dollars) of a single poor leader over the course of one year due to turnover, productivity loss, etc.


The percentage of companies that believe they have a leadership talent shortage. At Go Neuro, we believe great leaders are developed, not born.

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