Powerful partnerships, remarkable results.

Mentors can have an enormous impact on the speed with which mentees learn new skills and become integrated within the organization. Promote long-term, measurable results through peer-to-peer learning.

Sustainable Results

Our mentoring programs build heavily on role-playing and real-world experiences, ranging from simple, daily knowledge-sharing conversations, to candid feedback discussions.

Our role-plays are not generic, but based on input we receive from mentors at your company. This ensures a customized, relevant learning experience for both mentors and mentees.

Mentors and mentees learn powerful tools for knowledge transfer, as well as strategies for effective communication within the mentoring partnership.

Mentors study how to promote results in a way that lasts long after the “formal” mentoring relationship is over.

Mentees are shown how to take full responsibility for their own success, and how to utilize what we know about habit formation to boost their overall effectiveness.

We address the hard neuroscience behind memory formation, the role of emotions in learning, and the factors that promote neuroplasticity and effective problem-solving.

We only consider a mentoring program effective if it delivers long-term, measurable results for your organization.


The percentage of U.S. Federal Government employees eligible to retire within the next two years, taking with them an enormous base of knowledge.


The increase in employee retention among those involved in mentoring -- either as a mentor or mentee.


The average boost in annual performance ratings for those who have a mentor compared to those who did not.

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Mentoring Excellence has been the best class I’ve attended in my 25 years of working for the Boeing company. I am very impressed.

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