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Expanding impact and satisfaction at work.

To take their career in the best direction, employees must become their own best advocates. Go Neuro’s Personal & Career Management programs give your team the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves and your organization.

From Stress to Engagement

Stress can have an enormous impact on individual productivity. That impact can be helpful or hurtful, depending on the response.

Utilizing decades of research, we teach your people how to boost willpower, bounce back quickly and effectively from failure or disappointment, enhance self-awareness, improve learning agility, and have a greater impact on their team and on the organization.

Research confirms that employees are most productive when they have control over their careers and feel challenged. We guide employees through a process to differentiate between healthy stress and destructive stress, and turn that stress into long-term engagement.

We empower your people to take charge of their own careers in a way that improves results for your organization and leads to greater engagement and happiness for each individual.


The estimated percentage of job turnover that is due to stress at work.

Of all characteristics measured, self-control is the single greatest predictor of health and financial success.


The reduction in medical errors at a hospital after stress reduction activities were implemented. Stress is especially dangerous in safety-critical environments.

Ready to engage your team?

I liked the concept of me being the CEO of my career my own company as it pertains to employment within my current company. It gave me a new perspective of viewing my career management and how to align myself with the company.

Participant ConocoPhillips