Make Learning Memorable

There’s a unique energy that comes from group learning, making the class both more enjoyable and more memorable. Make your corporate training more impactful with workshops that participants have called
“the best I’ve ever attended.”

Learning that Lasts

Our goal is to ensure that learning transfers from the classroom to the workplace. To accomplish that goal, we recommend dividing learning into four phases: learning ramp up before the class, workshop, follow-up action, and accountability. Lessons and practice begin in the classroom and continue over several months, leading to learning that lasts.

Learning in a classroom environment is especially effective because of the varied insights, energy, and challenges that come from exploring a topic with others. Using real-life examples and role-play scenarios, we build on the experience of participants to equip them to successfully meet the everyday challenges they face at work. With every workshop, we guide your people toward mastery of the tools and strategies that will drive future success.


The percentage of employees who say their organization's training resources are NOT effective.

The amount (in billions of dollars) spent worldwide on corporate training annually.


The increase in profit margins of companies that invested at least $1500 per employee per year in training

Of all the courses I have taken I have never rated a course this high. The instructor was top of his class. He made a subject that I fully expected to be a yawner into a subject that kept the whole class engaged and enjoyed the full 8 hours. This should be a workshop everyone should take.

Participant Boeing