The neuroscience of you



At Go Neuro, we translate the latest brain research into actionable behavior that drives personal transformation.

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Brain Basics is a free weekly class to explore the wonders buried in those big, beautiful brains of ours.

Each class is taught by cognitive neuroscientist Michael-John Bristow, who has been making neuroscience approachable and applicable for over a decade. Together we explore a variety of topics, from building willpower, to dealing with psychopaths, to stumbling upon happiness. Every session is backed by peer-reviewed research and fact, not hyperbole and wishful thinking.

Join us Saturdays at 2 pm MST. Classes are completely free.


At Go Neuro, we believe that the goal of learning is not merely knowledge, but action. Our group classes provide extra resources and a built-in support network that allow you to master the tools and strategies you need for future success.

If you are interested not just in learning but in taking your development to the next level, join us at one of our in-depth, live workshops where we work together to promote positive behavior change and help you reach your goals.


It is fascinating how some people succeed regardless of their circumstances. Their talents are always in demand. Their personal and work relationships are fulfilling, and based on value and respect. Above all, these people love what they do. How do they do it?

Someone once observed that we don’t fail because we cannot solve our problems, but because we cannot see them. Our individual coaching program is focused on developing concrete action ideas that will help you achieve your potential and experience greater fulfillment.

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