The job market is more competitive than ever before. Graduating from college and leaving the academic world to jump into a turbulent sea of job searching and career development can seem overwhelming and daunting. How can you plan out a career path when you’re just starting out?

Someone once observed that we don’t fail because we cannot solve our problems, but because we cannot see them.

Perhaps you’ve visited job fairs, or planned out your academic path with a college counselor. But that step beyond college — turning your degree into a career — feels out of reach. You aren’t sure how to turn what you have learned into a meaningful and successful career. Generic job searching advice, while helpful, can often be surprisingly challenging to apply to our own unique experiences.

Academic Coaching_Go Neuro
Academic Coaching_Go Neuro

At Go Neuro, we translate the latest research into tailored individual actions to help you achieve your goals.

Focusing on your career planning early on in your academic career will set yourself up for a more gratifying career path that will help you meet your full potential and is personally fulfilling. In our individual academic coaching program, we work together over a period of months so you can consistently build on what is being done right, practice skills, and receive feedback again and again until you see the results you have been looking for. Few things allow for more efficient improvement than the targeted approach that individual coaching affords.

Our academic coaching program takes a holistic approach, where we help you identify your goals as well as achieve the steps necessary to reach those goals. We do this through test preparation and navigating testing anxiety, gathering feedback and recommendations, enhancing college or grad school applications, communicating and networking in academic circles, and more.

Michael-John is ready to work with you one-on-one to harness the science of your brain and help you reach your personal, academic, and career goals! Our coaching program has been tested on Fortune 500 executives, and is focused on developing concrete plans to help you achieve your potential and experience greater success and fulfillment in your career path.


Academic Coaching_Go Neuro

We?re here to help you:

  • Get unstuck and find your next great opportunity.
  • Set goals that work for you, with regular check-ins and adjustments as necessary.
  • Master the art of communication in both your personal, academic, and work relationships.
  • Uncover networking skills that will help you translate an academic connection into a fulfilling career.
  • Understand the science behind how your brain works, and create a personalized plan of action to apply that research in your own life.

Instead of exploring strategies that are likely to work for many or most people, together we build strategies that are crafted to work with the one-of-a-kind challenges you are facing.

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These conversations have been very beneficial for me. I’ve appreciated your time and you asking me the tough questions, helping me move forward and see the options available to me. You’ve done that every time and it’s been good. I admit there have been days I’ve thought, oh he’s gonna call me and I haven’t done that goal.

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Michael-John Bristow has been providing neuroscience-based coaching and training to corporate executives around the world for more than a decade. Now, he’s opening his calendar and bringing that proven track record of success to¬†you!

He can’t deny who he is: Michael-John is a neuroscientist by training, and all of his work is based on a foundation of science and solid research. Early on in his education, he assisted fellow students with balancing standardized tests and career decisions, using his understanding of the human brain to optimize those career development skills. After his education, he decided to take his research into the human brain to help people find success and happiness in their lives and careers. He partners with each individual to provide tailored learning that meets their specific needs and interests, developing personalized plans and coaching them on action steps that move them toward achieving their goals.

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Michael-John Bristow of Go Neuro