Approachable & Applicable Neuroscience


Brain Basics is a free weekly meetup for discovering the wonders buried in those big, beautiful brains of ours.

Each class is taught by cognitive neuroscientist Michael-John Bristow, who has been making neuroscience approachable and applicable for over a decade.

Ever wonder why brains get depressed? Or how to build willpower and stop procrastinating? Or how schizophrenia and psychopathy work? Or why certain chemicals are so addictive?

Or how to unlock the full potential of the 86 billion neurons floating inside your skull?

Together we explore a variety of topics, from building willpower, to dealing with psychopaths, to stumbling upon happiness. Every session is backed by peer-reviewed research and fact, not hyperbole and wishful thinking.

Join us Saturdays at 2 pm MST. Classes are completely free. See topics for upcoming sessions below, and reserve your seat at any of the upcoming meetups here.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.