The human brain is complicated, filled with 86 billions neurons and more connections between those neurons than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Neuroscience is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to stay on top of the research and understand how to use this knowledge to manage mental health challenges, improve interpersonal relationships, build resiliency, and find fulfillment.

At Go Neuro, we translate the latest research into tailored actions to help you achieve your goals. Our free Brain Basics meetups bring the world of neuroscience to you, exploring topics including willpower, addiction, and how to stumble upon happiness.

But Brain Basics is only available live once per week, and many of you wanted more! Now we are bringing all of those resources together in a special membership: Brainiacs!

Becoming a Brainiac gives you access to a large, ever-expanding library of past classes, but there’s more! It’s your place to dive deeper into each topic with studies and research that Michael-John references in classes, to apply that knowledge to your own life, and to connect with other Brainiacs.

Our program initially began as a series of Guided Meditations, and we’re excited to be bringing that back to our Brainiacs! Research shows that meditation can have long-term positive effects on mental health and emotional development. The benefits of meditation can be seen in our careers, our relationships, and our own sense of well-being.

If you are ready to grow beyond Brain Basics, this is the place for you! By becoming a Brainiac you can take your exploration of neuroscience to the next level.

Brainiacs have complete access to:

  • Recordings of past Brain Basics classes
  • Additional readings and references for each class
  • Guided meditations, an exclusive series of selections for you to practice mindfulness and train your brain
  • Priority consideration when suggesting future Brain Basics topics
  • Connect with Michael-John and other Brainiacs in a members-only environment
  • Discounts on paid classes and coaching

Explore the world of neuroscience with Go Neuro!

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Michael-John Bristow has been providing neuroscience-based coaching and training to corporate executives around the world for more than a decade. Now, he’s opening his calendar and bringing that proven track record of success to you!

He can’t deny who he is: Michael-John is a neuroscientist by training, and all of his work is based on a foundation of science and solid research. After his education, he decided to take his research into the human brain to help people find success and happiness in their lives and careers. He partners with each individual to provide tailored learning that meets their specific needs and interests, developing personalized plans and coaching them on action steps that move them toward achieving their goals.