Lead Magnet: Feedback

Where’s The Gift? is a hard-hitting to-the-point book which emphasizes the value of properly “digesting” all feedback. Its benefits are applicable not just to supervisors but to everyone in the workplace and at home.

Cessna Aircraft Company
Individuals – Brainiacs

This class was very engaging and contained a wealth of knowledge and valuable guidance/ideas for improving mentor/mentee relationships, and truly all work relationships. I in particular enjoyed the discussions around feedback, both giving and receiving it.

Books – Why The Rhino Scatters His S#!t – 01

Michael-John and Nigel have the rare ability to translate the complex into simple, useable insights that resonate at all organization levels. Their stories are energising and memorable; their ideas are actionable and valuable for both the individual and the organization. The concepts they teach have inspired me and many others I have worked with to expand our impact and take greater control of our careers.

Global Talent Manager, Innovative Medicines and Early Development, AstraZeneca
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